• 84726_Normal.png

Fidelity Combat Trouser

  • 84738_Normal.png

Fidelity Combat Shirt

  • 55546_Normal.png

Barron Protector Boot

  • 54456_Normal.png

Barron Defender Safety Boot

  • 55548_Normal.png

Barron Chelsea Safety Boot

  • 54459_Normal.png

Barron Armour Safety Shoe

  • 84319_Normal.png

Barron Poly Cotton Dust Coat

  • 85084_Normal.png

Venture Padded Jacket

  • 83856_Normal.png

Transit Long Sleeve Golfer

  • 84048_Normal.png

Tailgate Golfer

  • 84229_Normal.png

Solitude Bodywarmer

  • 84196_Normal.png

Shaft Safety Shirt Long Sleeve

  • 83267_Normal.png

Rain Suit

  • 84104_Normal.png

Quarry Fleece

  • 85012_Normal.png

Patrol Golfer

  • 85005_Normal.png

Navigator Golfer

  • 84275_Normal.png

Mesh Bib

  • 82200_Normal.png

Hi-vis Raglan Golfer

  • 82190_Normal.png

Highway Waistcoat

  • 83895_Normal.png

Force Jacket

  • 82054_Normal.png

Convoy Jacket

  • 83653_Normal.png

Contractor 3-In-1 Jacket

  • 84717_Normal.png

Commuter Jacket

  • 83664_Normal.png

Blaze 4-In-1 Jacket

  • 85187_Normal.png

Basic Safety Bib

  • 60998_Normal.png

150g Poly Cotton Safety T-shirt

  • 84169_Normal.png

Maximus Shirt Short Sleeve

  • 84164_Normal.png

Maximus Shirt Long Sleeve

  • 84267_Normal.png

Commando Pants

  • 84271_Normal.png

Brickdale Pants

  • 84261_Normal.png

Boulder Shorts

  • 84224_Normal.png

Beacon Jacket

  • 84236_Normal.png

Barron Work wear Jean

Our PPE Clothing & Equipment

We supply the latest and widest variety of superior quality PPE clothing and equipment, sourced nationally and internationally for small businesses to large corporations and government.

We have a solutions for every budget and taste, no name brands to international brands, from entry level to high end professional level. For one person to a thousand people. We have the solution for you.

Why Choose Us

  • We supply the latest and widest variety of superior quality products, sourced nationally and internationally.
  • A one stop company that can cater for all your needs from a-z, clothing, equipment, embroidery and printing.
  • Competitive prices and on time delivery, every time.
  • Honest, fast, reliable, unequaled service, that will always go the extra mile for our customers.
  • We have solutions for every budget, from entry level to high end professional levels.

What Client’s Say

Acticlo has supplied many of our branches countrywide with quick and hassle free product deliveries. Their prices, quality and service is really great and I will gladly recommend them
Silas, Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen