• 85092_Normal.png

Weatherproof Polyamide Jacket

  • 83242_Normal.png

Mens 4-in-1 Jacket

  • 83260_Normal.png

Ladies 4-in-1 Jacket

  • 81978_Normal.png

Mens Statement Classic Pants

  • 85073_Normal.png

Ladies Statement Stretch Pants

  • 83022_Normal.png

Ladies Statement Skirt

  • 85070_Normal.png

Ladies Statement Classic Pants

  • 85067_Normal.png

Ladies Statement 1 Button Jacket

  • 82345_Normal.png

Ladies Civic Blouse Short Sleeve

  • 82337_Normal.png

Ladies Civic Blouse Long Sleeve

  • 85170_Normal.png

Mens Basic Jersey Short Sleeve

  • 85167_Normal.png

Mens Basic Jersey Long Sleeve

  • 82287_Normal.png

Ladies Basic Cardigan

  • 82297_Normal.png

Ladies Breezeway Golfer

  • 82259_Normal.png

Lacoste Stripe Golfer

  • 85200_Normal.png

Colour Stripe Golfer

  • 85196_Normal.png

Birds Eye Golfer

  • 85076_Normal.png

260g Barron Pique Knit Golfer

  • 85043_Normal.png

200g Original Long Sleeve Golfer

  • 85038_Normal.png

200g Ladies Pique Knit Golfer

  • 82393_Normal.png

175g Barron Pique Knit Golfer

  • 85054_Normal.png

210g Ladies Vest

  • 82944_Normal.png

190g Ladies V-Neck T-shirt

  • 82717_Normal.png

190g Ladies Crew Neck T-shirt

  • 82533_Normal.png

180g Barron V-Neck T-shirt

  • 82243_Normal.png

170g Barron Long Sleeve T-shirt

  • 85180_Normal.png

160g Barron Crew Neck T-shirt

  • 81966_Normal.png

Cotton Chino

  • 82307_Normal.png

145g Barron Crew Neck T-shirt

  • 85191_Normal.png

Bermuda Shorts

Our Corporate Clothing, Gifts & Branding

We supply the latest and widest variety of superior quality of corporate clothing, uniforms and gifts, sourced nationally and internationally for small businesses to large corporations and government.

We have solutions for every budget and taste, no name brands to international brands, from entry level to high end professional level. For one person to a thousand people. We have the solution for you.

Why Choose Us

  • We pride ourselves on our exceptional, active service and supplying the latest and widest variety of superior quality products, sourced nationally and internationally.
  • A one stop company that can cater for all your needs from a-z, entry level to high end men’s and ladies corporate clothing, uniforms, apparel, embroidery, 3D embroidery, badges, screen printing, puff printing, neon printing, metallic printing, heat transfer flex print – reflective flexing, neon flexing, day glow flexing & metallic flexing.
  • Competitive pricing and on time delivery, every time.
  • Honest, fast, reliable, unequaled service, that will always go the extra mile for our customers.
  • We have a solution for every budget, from entry level to high end professional level.

What Client’s Say

I have been doing business with Acticlo for the past 5 years, and they never disappoint. We use to wait 4 weeks for our uniforms, now we sometimes get it in 4 days. What a pleasure. They really deliver and really do go the extra mile for the customer.
Danie, Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen