• 36377_Normal.png

Woven Lanyard with Metal Clip

  • 55068_Normal.png

Windscreen Sun Shade

  • 60929_Normal.png

Web Strap Bottle Opener Keychain

  • 36842_Normal.png

Waterspray Fan

  • 55070_Normal.png

Universal Travel Adapter

  • 54884_Normal.png

Two Tone Metal Keychain

  • 55067_Normal.png

Travel Cushion

  • 29257_Normal.png

Tear Shaped Chrome Keychain

  • 38490_Normal.png

Swivel Metal Keychain

  • 14512_Normal.png

Square Retractable Badge Holder

  • 54855_Normal.png

Solar Powered LED Keychain Light

  • 60919_Normal.png

Soft PVC LED Flashlight

  • 36843_Normal.png

Shower Radio with Hanger

  • 15697_Normal.png

Shiny Nickel Round Keychain

  • 36510_Normal.png

Salad Bowl Set

  • 55388_Normal.png

Safety Flashing Arm Band

  • 14508_Normal.png

Round Retractable Badge Holder

  • 29245_Normal.png

Push Button Keychain Light

  • 54888_Normal.png

PU Strap Keychain

  • 54822_Normal.png

Pump Action Mini Mister

  • 14553_Normal.png

Plastic Piggy Bank

  • 55381_Normal.png

Pizza Knife with Bottle Opener

  • 54856_Normal.png

Oval Shaped Swivel Keychain

  • 53932_Normal.png

My Clock

  • 54900_Normal.png

Multi Function Tool Keychain

  • 54846_Normal.png

Mirror with 2 LED Light

  • 60770_Normal.png

Mini Tape Measure Keychain

  • 55337_Normal.png

Mini Manicure Set Keychain

  • 54827_Normal.png

Mini Body Massager

  • 54859_Normal.png

Metal Ruler Keychain

  • 54885_Normal.png

Metal Tip Keychain

  • 54874_Normal.png

Metal Football Keychain

  • 60931_Normal.png

Metal Keychain on Strap

  • 54660_Normal.png

Media Tablet and Phone Stand

  • 60930_Normal.png

LED Torch Keychain

  • 36517_Normal.png

LED Keychain Light

  • 29341_Normal.png

Leather Key Fob

  • 54854_Normal.png

Lanyard with Bottle Opener

  • 29274_Normal.png

Keychain with Photo Frame

  • 14542_Normal.png

Insulated Can Sleeve

  • 54866_Normal.png

Heart Shaped Keychain

  • 29219_Normal.png

Hairbrush Mirror and Sewing Kit

  • 29224_Normal.png

Folding Mirror

  • 55414_Normal.png

Desk Clip Cup Holder

  • 84908_Normal.png

Curved Metal Keychain

  • 84911_Normal.png

Compact Mini Fan

  • 54880_Normal.png

Coloured Body LED Keychain

  • 54857_Normal.png

Car Shaped Metal Keychain

  • 54858_Normal.png

Buckle Clip Keychain

  • 54828_Normal.png

Car Air Freshener

  • 54818_Normal.png

Beer Shape Bottle Opener

  • 15691_Normal.png

Art Deco Keychain

  • 55406_Normal.png

Aluminium Stylus and Phone Stand

  • 14521_Normal.png

Aluminium Bottle Opener Keychain

  • 55391_Normal.png

3 in 1 Stylus

  • 54863_Normal.png

2 in 1 LED Keychain

  • 14578_Normal.png

Zippered Pouch with Split Ring

  • 14637_Normal.png

Zippered Pencil Pouch

  • 54713_Normal.png

Wooden Swivel USB

  • 54715_Normal.png

Wooden Frame USB

  • 54681_Normal.png

Wired Mouse

  • 54655_Normal.png

USB Desk Fan

  • 38522_Normal.png

Universal Cell Phone Charger

  • 54606_Normal.png

Two Tone Mouse Pad

  • 14559_Normal.png

Translucent Zip Bag

  • 32648_Normal.png

Swivel USB Drive

  • 54720_Normal.png

Stylish Cap Off Design USB

  • 38518_Normal.png

Stylish 4GB USB

  • 14610_Normal.png

Stress Balls

  • 54652_Normal.png

Standing Desktop Stapler

  • 54666_Normal.png

Square Multi Purpose Pen Holder

  • 55348_Normal.png

Sports Wallet

  • 54678_Normal.png

Solar Powered Power Bank

  • 29301_Normal.png

Soft Cover Business Card Case

  • 54701_Normal.png

Slimline Power Bank

  • 54725_Normal.png

Sleek Design Cap Off USB

  • 54732_Normal.png

Silicone Wristband USB

  • 84322_Normal.png

Silicone Speaker and Phone Stand

  • 54710_Normal.png

Rubber Swivel USB

  • 54662_Normal.png

Round Multi Purpose Pen Holder

  • 54659_Normal.png

Reusable Perpetual Calendar

  • 54682_Normal.png

Retractable Earphones in Case

  • 55356_Normal.png

Quad Display Clock

  • 84881_Normal.png

Power Bank Travel Kit

  • 54679_Normal.png

Palm sized Stylish Mouse

  • 15732_Normal.png

Neoprene Travel Accessory Pouch

  • 14628_Normal.png

Neoprene Electronics Case

  • 54706_Normal.png

Mutlitool USB

  • 60914_Normal.png

Mouse Pad with Gel Rest

  • 84877_Normal.png

Mouse Pad with Calculator

  • 55329_Normal.png

Mini USB Car Charger

  • 60903_Normal.png

Mini Earphone in Tube

  • 54643_Normal.png

Mini Highlighters in Jar

  • 54692_Normal.png

Magic Induction Speaker

  • 84939_Normal.png

Light Up USB Car Charger

  • 29297_Normal.png

Leatherette Pen Holder

  • 54629_Normal.png

LCD Display Clock With Alarm

  • 54630_Normal.png

LCD Clock with Calendar Display

  • 54696_Normal.png

Lanyard with 4GB USB

  • 14599_Normal.png

Hinged Lid Business Card Case

  • 38515_Normal.png


  • 54627_Normal.png

Hanging Wall Clock

  • 80659_Normal.png

Hamburger Speaker

  • 54673_Normal.png

Funky Adjustable Headphones

  • 15718_Normal.png

Folding Perpetual Calendar

  • 60906_Normal.png

Flip Cap 4GB USB

  • 54722_Normal.png

Executive Metal USB

  • 54632_Normal.png

Executive Desktop Clock

  • 36838_Normal.png

Executive Desk Box with Memo Pad

  • 38502_Normal.png

Everyday Business Card Case

  • 54628_Normal.png

Elegant Metal Desk Clock

  • 54676_Normal.png

Dual Head USB Car Charger

  • 29293_Normal.png

Digital Clock with Pen Holder

  • 36839_Normal.png

Desktop Stationery Set

  • 54641_Normal.png

Desktop Multifunction Timer

  • 54634_Normal.png

Desktop Clock with Photo Frame

  • 55396_Normal.png

Desktop Cable Organiser

  • 29337_Normal.png

Desk Weather Station

  • 15712_Normal.png

Desk Clock and Photo Frame

  • 30881_Normal.png

Desk Calculator

  • 55353_Normal.png

Desk Box with Photo Frame

  • 29303_Normal.png

Curved Business Card Case

  • 84894_Normal.png

Credit Card Style Power Bank

  • 54742_Normal.png

Cranking Solar Energy Radio

  • 29286_Normal.png

Clock Organiser with Pen Cup

  • 54633_Normal.png

Chairmans Desktop Clock

  • 29315_Normal.png

Cell Phone Accessory Case

  • 54728_Normal.png

Card Style USB

  • 54671_Normal.png

Car Mobile Phone Holder

  • 15711_Normal.png

Brushed Aluminium Desk Clock

  • 55355_Normal.png

Bluetooth Speaker

  • 55342_Normal.png

Amplifying Speaker

  • 54613_Normal.png

Aluminium Clip Photo Frame

  • 84935_Normal.png

All Purpose Carry Case

  • 34245_Normal.png

Alarm Clock with Swivel Dial

  • 54741_Normal.png

Adjustable Metal USB Mini Fan

  • 54621_Normal.png

Adjustable Aluminium Photo Frame

  • 38407_Normal.png

5pc Shoe Shine Travel Kit

  • 29335_Normal.png

4×6 Aluminum Photo Frame

  • 84897_Normal.png

4GB Exclusive USB Pen

  • 30882_Normal.png

30cm Ruler

  • 84903_Normal.png

3 Piece Travel Gift Set

  • 54645_Normal.png

3 Piece Desktop Highlighter Set

  • 84892_Normal.png

3 In 1 Powerbank with Speaker

  • 54619_Normal.png

3 in 1 Aluminium Photo Frame

  • 14595_Normal.png

2-Tone Metal Business Card Case

  • 29308_Normal.png

2 USB Car Charger

  • 84907_Normal.png

2 Piece Travellers Gift Set

  • 84901_Normal.png

2 Piece Tech Gift Set

  • 36841_Normal.png

2 in 1 Aluminium Photo Frame

  • 84879_Normal.png

12 LED Desk Light

  • 29367_Normal.png

Wine Lovers Companion

  • 54803_Normal.png

Wine Connoisseurs Gift Set

  • 38389_Normal.png

Urban Lunch Cooler

  • 54599_Normal.png

Two Tone Lunch Sack

  • 29209_Normal.png

Two Tone 8 Panel Golf Umbrella

  • 36466_Normal.png

Travel Cooler Warmer

  • 14429_Normal.png

Straw Mat

  • 29203_Normal.png

Stainless Steel Two Section BBQ

  • 38415_Normal.png

Smash Ball Set

  • 54596_Normal.png

Sling Lunch Sack

  • 84874_Normal.png

Single Wooden Wine Carry Case

  • 14452_Normal.png

Single Wine Carrier

  • 36448_Normal.png

San Severo Picnic Backpack

  • 60761_Normal.png

Salt and Pepper Shaker

  • 38457_Normal.png

Salt and Pepper Mill Set

  • 29326_Normal.png

Rectangular Wine Holder

  • 54796_Normal.png

PU Detachable Wine Carrier

  • 14419_Normal.png

Portable Braai – Cooler Set

  • 15597_Normal.png

Portable Boot Organizer

  • 79082_Normal.png

Polar Fleece Blanket

  • 14424_Normal.png

Picnic Blanket

  • 55361_Normal.png

Oven Mitt

  • 36457_Normal.png

Outdoor Chair Stool

  • 54568_Normal.png

Non-Woven Storage Box

  • 60763_Normal.png

Neoprene Golf Ball Sleeve

  • 30895_Normal.png

Multi Functional First Aid Kit

  • 34403_Normal.png

Multi Function Golf Tool

  • 29331_Normal.png

Mini First Aid Kit in Zip Pouch

  • 54797_Normal.png

Magnetic Top Wine Carrier

  • 38360_Normal.png

LED Braai Light

  • 38453_Normal.png

Kitchen Set in Wooden Block

  • 54848_Normal.png

Isoprene Wine Opener

  • 38411_Normal.png

Ice Bucket

  • 84876_Normal.png

Golf Ball Pouch with Carabiner

  • 54806_Normal.png

Freeze Gel Single Wine Holder

  • 37009_Normal.png

Folding Umbrella

  • 60810_Normal.png

Folding Outdoor Chair – 600D

  • 55076_Normal.png

Folding Beach Mat

  • 84870_Normal.png

Fold Up Tent

  • 55072_Normal.png

Fold Up Hammock with Pouch

  • 38464_Normal.png

Exclusive Wine and Accessory Set

  • 55082_Normal.png

Exclusive Pongee Umbrella

  • 14451_Normal.png

Double Wine Carrier

  • 60948_Normal.png

Double Decker Cooler

  • 60760_Normal.png

Cutting Board with Knife

  • 54794_Normal.png

Curved Wooden Wine Bottle Holder

  • 38372_Normal.png

Cooler with Folding Cup Holders

  • 38370_Normal.png

Cooler Bag with Braai Set

  • 55358_Normal.png

Cooler and BBQ Set

  • 38446_Normal.png

Carving Set in Aluminium Case

  • 34411_Normal.png


  • 54831_Normal.png

Braai in a Bucket

  • 55351_Normal.png

Bottle Stopper

  • 55084_Normal.png

Birdseye Picnic Chair Cooler

  • 38458_Normal.png

Beach Umbrella

  • 60812_Normal.png

Auto Emergency Kit

  • 36366_Normal.png

Auto Carwash Kit

  • 55606_Normal.png

All South African Biltong Cutter

  • 82095_Normal.png

All Occasion Blanket

  • 54805_Normal.png

8 Piece Wine Set in Carry Case

  • 14440_Normal.png

8 Panel Metal Ribbed Umbrella

  • 14432_Normal.png

8 Panel Golf Umbrella

  • 29329_Normal.png

6 Piece Knife Set in Wooden Box

  • 15653_Normal.png

6 Can Mini-Fridge

  • 14479_Normal.png

6 Can Cooler – Vinyl

  • 54801_Normal.png

6 Bottle Wine Stand

  • 34420_Normal.png

4pc Wood Handled BBQ Set

  • 15686_Normal.png

4 Piece Wine Set in Box

  • 55373_Normal.png

4 Piece Wine and Chess Set

  • 14449_Normal.png

4 Piece Coaster Set

  • 60811_Normal.png

4 Person Picnic Table and Chairs

  • 14475_Normal.png

4 Person Picnic Set

  • 60969_Normal.png

4 Person Picnic Cooler

  • 38432_Normal.png

3pc Bamboo Cutting Board Set

  • 55135_Normal.png

3.6 Meter Tow Belt

  • 15661_Normal.png

3 Piece Wood Handled Carving Set

  • 54813_Normal.png

3 Piece Cup Shaped Wine Set

  • 36459_Normal.png

3 Piece Braai Set in Carry Case

  • 54785_Normal.png

3 Piece Barware Gift Set

  • 54799_Normal.png

3 Bottle Wine Stand

  • 38418_Normal.png

28pc First Aid Kit

  • 15643_Normal.png

18 Piece Steel Braai Set

  • 36468_Normal.png

160gsm Outdoor Blanket

  • 84866_Normal.png

13 Piece Travel Picnic Set

  • 38420_Normal.png

100% Cotton Golf Towel

  • 55134_Normal.png

Wind Up 3 LED Torch

  • 55095_Normal.png

Torch and Multi Tool Gift Set

  • 37015_Normal.png

Tool Bag with Tubular Handle

  • 38544_Normal.png

Stainless Steel Pocket Knife

  • 37013_Normal.png

Stainless Steel Hunting Knife

  • 83888_Normal.png

Stainless Steel Folding Knife

  • 55123_Normal.png

Rugged Grip Multi Tool

  • 55112_Normal.png

Pop Up Camping Lamp

  • 60895_Normal.png

Pocket Knife and Torch Gift Set

  • 55127_Normal.png

Multi Tool With Socket Set

  • 55121_Normal.png

Multi Tool with Phone Holder

  • 38552_Normal.png

Multi Purpose Toolkit

  • 37016_Normal.png

Multi Purpose Tool Pouch

  • 84927_Normal.png

Multi Function Emergency Lamp

  • 14676_Normal.png

Multi Function Camping Pliers

  • 36847_Normal.png

Mini Hand Lamp

  • 38535_Normal.png

Long LED Flashlight

  • 36620_Normal.png

Lockback Wood Handled Knife

  • 38540_Normal.png

Lockback Knife

  • 14667_Normal.png

LED Folding Tec Tool

  • 55110_Normal.png

Hanging and Magnetic Lamp

  • 38534_Normal.png

Flashlight Toolbox Set

  • 55092_Normal.png

Everymans Gift Set

  • 14665_Normal.png

Ergo Plier Tool

  • 60655_Normal.png

Emergency Auto Tool Kit

  • 84930_Normal.png

Dynamo Torch with Wrist Strap

  • 55102_Normal.png

Dynamo LED Flashlight

  • 55124_Normal.png

Cut Out Design Multi Tool

  • 55099_Normal.png

Clip On and Standing Flashlight

  • 36848_Normal.png

Camping Lamp

  • 15735_Normal.png

9 LED Torch and Bottle Opener

  • 60652_Normal.png

8 in 1 Screwdriver Set and Torch

  • 55132_Normal.png

8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

  • 55376_Normal.png

7 in 1 Mini LED Keychain Tool

  • 55116_Normal.png

6 Function Pocket Knife

  • 14663_Normal.png

3.5 Meter Rubber Plastic Tape

  • 84926_Normal.png

3 Piece Outdoor Tool Gift Set

  • 84932_Normal.png

3 In 1 Tape Measure

  • 55101_Normal.png

3 Function Flashlight and Lamp

  • 38546_Normal.png

24pc Toolkit

  • 55131_Normal.png

16 in 1 Mini Toolset

  • 55118_Normal.png

16 Function Pocket Knife

  • 55129_Normal.png

13 Piece Home Tool Set

  • 14661_Normal.png

12-in-1 Anodized Knife

  • 14391_Normal.png

Tribal Stripe Zippered Binder

  • 38528_Normal.png

Tribal Stripe Travel Bag

  • 36703_Normal.png

Tribal Stripe Duffel Bag

  • 83696_Normal.png

Out of Africa Travel Duffel

  • 55553_Normal.png

Out of Africa Novahide Bush Bag

  • 83693_Normal.png

Out of Africa Handbag

  • 38524_Normal.png

Out of Africa A4 Notebook

  • 29205_Normal.png

9 Piece Tribal Stripe BBQ Set

  • 14391_Normal.png

Tribal Stripe Zippered Binder

  • 38528_Normal.png

Tribal Stripe Travel Bag

  • 36703_Normal.png

Tribal Stripe Duffel Bag

  • 83696_Normal.png

Out of Africa Travel Duffel

  • 55553_Normal.png

Out of Africa Novahide Bush Bag

  • 83693_Normal.png

Out of Africa Handbag

  • 38524_Normal.png

Out of Africa A4 Notebook

  • 29205_Normal.png

9 Piece Tribal Stripe BBQ Set

  • 55298_Normal.png

Stylish Ladies Wallet

  • 38353_Normal.png

Manicure Set in Pouch

  • 38356_Normal.png

Manicure Set in Multi Bag

  • 34644_Normal.png

Ladies Stylish Laptop Handbag

  • 54790_Normal.png

Ladies Fold Out Jewellery box

  • 37005_Normal.png

Ladies Fashion Handbag

  • 37007_Normal.png

Ladies Executive Laptop Bag

  • 34639_Normal.png

Ladies Executive Handbag

  • 84838_Normal.png

Ladies Canvas Cosmetic Bag

  • 84910_Normal.png

Aroma Reed Diffuser

  • 54843_Normal.png

Ladies 7 Piece Manicure Set

  • 55369_Normal.png

6 Piece Spa Set in Vinyl Bag

  • 55371_Normal.png

6 Piece Spa Set

  • 38348_Normal.png

4pc Cosmetic Bag Set

  • 55377_Normal.png

4 Piece Bath Set in PVC Bag

  • 84724_Normal.png

Ultimate Business Folder

  • 54764_Normal.png

Tuscan A5 Organiser

  • 54766_Normal.png

Tuscan A4 Organiser

  • 38344_Normal.png

Soft PU A5 Zippered Folder

  • 38343_Normal.png

Soft PU A4 Zippered Folder

  • 54758_Normal.png

Serengeti B5 Notebook

  • 55344_Normal.png

Serengeti A5 Notebook

  • 54760_Normal.png

Riviera A5 Organiser

  • 54762_Normal.png

Riviera A4 Organiser

  • 36647_Normal.png

Recycled Junior Pad and Pen

  • 14349_Normal.png

Recycled Jotter Pad and Pen

  • 14377_Normal.png

Lichee Executive Folio

  • 84791_Normal.png

Executive Brief Case

  • 59769_Normal.png

Executive A5 Notebook with Strap

  • 38326_Normal.png

Executive A4 Notebook with Strap

  • 29378_Normal.png

Everyday Clipboard

  • 54784_Normal.png

Curved Handle Zippered Folder

  • 38332_Normal.png

Curved Design A5 Folder

  • 38324_Normal.png

Curved Design A4 Folder

  • 54770_Normal.png

Colourful Spine Tablet Holder

  • 15637_Normal.png

Bamboo Notebook and Pen

  • 54744_Normal.png

A5 Notebook with Outer Pouch

  • 29034_Normal.png

A5 Canvas Notebook

  • 54777_Normal.png

A4 Zippered Tablet Case

  • 29042_Normal.png

A4 Zippered Folder

  • 15635_Normal.png

A4 Leather Folio – 40 Pages

  • 84803_Normal.png

A4 Carbon Fibre Design Folder

  • 54778_Normal.png

A4 Canvas Folder

  • 84785_Normal.png

600D A4 Folder with Inner Pocket

  • 36665_Normal.png

Carrol Boyes Pen – Maori

  • 55144_Normal.png

Hip Flask Gift Set

  • 55151_Normal.png

Freeze Gel Beer Mug

  • 55574_Normal.png

Ceramic Mug with Matching Base

  • 84850_Normal.png

850ml Curved Grip Water Bottle

  • 36279_Normal.png

750ml Vacuum Flask

  • 14329_Normal.png

750ml Tritan Bottle with Straw

  • 60666_Normal.png

750ml Spiral Design Water Bottle

  • 30911_Normal.png

750ml Endurance Water Bottle

  • 14313_Normal.png

650ml Tritan Water Bottle

  • 55301_Normal.png

6 Cup Coffee Plunger

  • 55167_Normal.png

550ml Flip Cap Waterbottle

  • 55146_Normal.png

530ml Wavy Stripe Mug

  • 14306_Normal.png

500ml Steel Flask with Case

  • 36262_Normal.png

500ml Curved Design Water bottle

  • 14309_Normal.png

500ml Steel Flask and Mug Set

  • 30910_Normal.png

500ml Cross Train Water Bottle

  • 38313_Normal.png

500ml Coloured Vacuum Flask

  • 55160_Normal.png

475ml Lined Double Wall AS Mug

  • 38317_Normal.png

450ml Travel Mug

  • 39626_Normal.png

450ml Mug

  • 15603_Normal.png

450ml Double Wall Wavy Mug

  • 15608_Normal.png

450ml Double Wall Steel Mug

  • 14298_Normal.png

420ml Polypropylene Mug

  • 55555_Normal.png

354ml Everyday Ceramic Mug

  • 55562_Normal.png

354ml Curved Ceramic Mug

  • 55566_Normal.png

345ml Ceramic Mug with Spoon

  • 55563_Normal.png

325ml Stylish Ceramic Mug

  • 55142_Normal.png

3.8 Litre Hot and Cold Water Jar

  • 55300_Normal.png

3 Cup Coffee Plunger

  • 84940_Normal.png

1l Double Wall Vacuum Flask

  • 38308_Normal.png

1l Plastic Vacuum Flask

  • 60732_Normal.png

1.8l Plastic Vacuum Flask

  • 15622_Normal.png

1 Litre Tritan Water Bottle

Our Corporate Gifts

We supply the latest and widest variety of superior quality PPE clothing and equipment, sourced nationally and internationally for small businesses to large corporations and government. We have a solutions for every budget and taste, no name brands to international brands, from entry level to high end professional level. For one person to a thousand people. We have the solution for you.

Why Choose Us

  • We supply the latest and widest variety of superior quality products, sourced nationally and internationally.
  • A one stop company that can cater for all your needs from a-z, clothing, equipment, embroidery and printing.
  • Competitive prices and on time delivery, every time.
  • Honest, fast, reliable, unequaled service, that will always go the extra mile for our customers.
  • We have solutions for every budget, from entry level to high end professional levels.

What Client’s Say

Acticlo has supplied many of our branches countrywide with quick and hassle free product deliveries. Their prices, quality and service is really great and I will gladly recommend them
Silas, Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen